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Catherine Gorle

Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University


Catherine Gorle is an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. She received her BSc (2002) and MSc (2005) degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the Delft University of Technology, and her PhD (2010) from the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in cooperation with the University of Antwerp. Afterwards she was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Turbulence Research at Stanford University and a Research Professor at the von Karman Institute funded by a Pegasus Marie Curie fellowship. Before returning to Stanford she was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics at Columbia University. 

Her research activities focus on the development of predictive flow simulations to support the design of sustainable buildings and cities. Specific topics of interest are the coupling of large- and small-scale models and experiments to quantify uncertainties related to the variability of boundary conditions, and the development of uncertainty quantification methods for low-fidelity models using high-fidelity data.​

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  • WednesdayMay 24
8:30 AM

Quantifying Inflow and Turbulence Model Form Uncertainties in (RANS) Simulations of the Flow and Dispersion of a Passive Tracer in Downtown Oklahoma City