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Mohammed Ahmed Al Farhan

PhD Candidate, KAUST


Mohammed Al Farhan is a computer science PhD candidate working in the KAUST ECRC with Professor David Keyes. His research interests are in high-performance computing, computational fluid dynamics, performance optimization, Intel Xeon Phi Programming. Al Farhan earned his BS in Computer Science at King Faisal University in Computer Science program and earned his MS in 2013 from KAUST. Farhan has worked at the Saudi Electricity Company as Systems Analyst. He also spent two summer internships at Saudi Aramco. Al Farhan previously worked with Professor Mikhail Moshkov in combinatorial machine learning for designing and implementing a classification algorithm for supervised machine learning training sets and has published a conference paper in a conference in this area. Farhan is a member of SIAM, ACM, and IEEE.​​

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  • TuesdayMay 23
11:10 AM

Shared Memory Parallelization of the Flux Kernel of PETSc-FUN3D