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​Matteo Parsani

Assistant Professor of AMCS, KAUST


Matteo Parsani is an Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics & Computational Science and a faculty in the Extreme Computing Research Center at KAUST. Dr. Parsani holds a master degree in Aerospace Engineering and Computational Aerodynamics from Politecnico di Milano. He received his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering in November 2010 from the Vreije Universities Brussel, Belgium. Before joining KAUST in September 2015, he was a NASA NPP Fellow at NASA Langley Research Center, United States. Matteo Parsani’s research interests are related to the design and implementation of novel, robust, and scalable numerical methods for hyperbolic and mixed hyperbolic/parabolic partial differential equations, as well as their application to solve realistic flow problems in computational aerodynamics, computational aeroacoustics, and dense gas flows simulations.​ ​

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11:35 AM


10:00 AM

Sustained Petascale Production-Mode DNS of Secondary Flows with a Very High-Order IMEX Solver on Three of the Most Powerful Supercomputers in the World

11:40 AM